Eastern Coach Makes League History


Coach Curt Dixon
Wilburton, OK (Aug. 27, 2014) - Curt Dixon, the assistant baseball coach at Eastern Oklahoma State College, just recently made history with back to back title wins in the Texas Collegiate League championship. Earlier this month, Dixon and the Brazos Valley Bombers defeated the Victoria Generals 2-1 which gave the Bombers their second title in two years. This made them the first team in the TCL to accomplish such a feat.

When asked how it felt to have consecutive championship years and make history in the TCL, Coach Dixon said it felt “gratifying” and that the consistency of the team was very important. “It felt good to go back to back,” Dixon said.
The TCL is a summer wooden bat league that allows college baseball players to compete in a minor league setting while still being able to maintain their eligibility for school athletics. Dixon said that the greatest difference in coaching in the NJCAA and TCL is that you can coach more physically matured players.

“In the summers we play six days out of the week. These guys play at a higher level for a bit longer,” said Dixon. With more “polished” players and a league that includes over 300 teams, the TCL is highly competitive. Winning a championship is spectacular, but winning two in a row was unheard of until this year.

Six players from the Bombers were later drafted, but Dixon said it was a team effort that brought them to the top for a consecutive year. Dixon, who has won TCL Coach of the Year three times (2012, 2013, and 2014), commented that “It was about the team and not about any individual. The pieces were in place for a championship.”

With many accomplishments with his Bombers team and as an individual coach, Dixon said that his favorite award is the 2013 championship.
 “It is difficult for me to pick out just one, but that year everything played out like it was supposed to,” Dixon said. “We were crowned the best team of the summer from over 300 teams.”

Eastern fans will be excited to know that Dixon plans on bringing Eastern another Regional Championship this year as well as making it to the NJCAA World Series. Dixon said that “We need to get back to where we were.”

The last time Eastern won a Regional Championship was in 2012. With a three time TCL Coach of the Year who also has two championship titles under his belt, Dixon’s plans for this year are definitely within the Mountaineers’ grasp.

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