WebAdvisor Log In & FAQ

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What is WebAdvisor?

WebAdvisor is a web interface that allows you to access information contained in the administrative database used by Eastern Oklahoma State College. The application system that creates this database, Colleague, is the product of Datatel Inc. of Fairfax, Virginia. WebAdvisor, also a product of Datatel, consists of the forms and supporting infrastructure to extract and deliver information from this database to your desktop browser.

What's my user ID?

In order to retrieve your user ID, click on the WebAdvisor link and click on the "Students" link. Then follow the steps under "What's My User ID?" You must fill in your last name and one of the two additional identifying numbers: your SSN or your Eastern Oklahoma State College ID. Please note that the user ID is case sensitive and should be entered in all lower case letters.

What’s my initial password?

The first time you log in to WebAdvisor, your password is the last four digits of your SSN. Upon successful login, you will be prompted to reset your password. Your password must be 6 to 9 characters including at least one number.

I forgot my password. What do I do?

In order to retrieve your password, click on the WebAdvisor link and click on the "Students" link. Then follow the steps under "What's my password?". You will be given two options:
  • "I might remember my password - show my password hint"   
  • "I don't remember my password - reset my password"
If you do not have a password hint, or if it does not help you remember, then choose the reset option. You will be taken to the "Reset My Password" form. Go through the steps to get your user ID and password. The password will be e-mailed to your Eastern Oklahoma State College e-mail account.

I know my User ID and Password, what next?

Click on the WebAdvisor link and then click on log in near the top right corner of the webpage. Input your User ID and password to access your information. From there you can check your class schedule, profile info, grades, transcript, account balance, etc.

Who do I contact for help?

Contact the Computer Services Help Desk.