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Federal Work Study Program

Federal Work Study (FWS) provides a method for postsecondary education students to earn funds that are used towards their education. Students can apply for the Federal Work Study Program if they have financial need. The students must first have completed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid to qualify.

Students work around their class schedule and are limited to a certain number of hours each week. Students must also maintain satisfactory academic progress to be allowed to continue working on the Federal Work Study program. Funding for the Federal Work Study program is allocated by the government. Once all the funds for the institution have been awarded, no more students can participate that year.

Students who are accepted into the program must complete necessary paperwork before beginning to work. It is also mandatory that each student read the Student Employment Manual and sign an Acknowledgement of Responsibilities. Both are found at the links below:

Workstudy Forms Packet
Student Employment Manual
Student Employee Acknowledgement of Responsibilities
Job Description Form

For more information and to determine eligibility for the program, contact:
Gail Wilson
Financial Aid Officer
Enrollment Center, First Floor Library