Academic Probation & Suspension

Minimum GPA Requirements

A student is expected to maintain a satisfactory cumulative GPA in order to be in "good standing" and continue to be eligible to take classes at Eastern without restriction. The Registrar's Office will place a student on academic probation if he/she fails to meet the following requirements, excluding any courses repeated or reprieved.

Credit Hours Attempted Minimum Cumulative GPA
 0-30         1.70
         31+                 2.00

Note: Freshmen students with 30 or fewer credit hours and a cumulative GPA ranging from 1.70 to 1.99 will be given "academic notice," which is a warning that they are not progressing satisfactorily, though not officially on probation.

Academic Probation

Any student not maintaining satisfactory progress as indicated above will be placed on academic probation. A student will continue to be on probation until his/her cumulative GPA has reached 2.00, or until the student is suspended.

Academic Suspension 

A student on probation will be suspended following any semester during which her/her semester GPA is below 2.00. A student on probation will also be suspended if he/she withdraws from more than one class in a semester. Exceptions to the one-withdrawal rule may be granted by the Vice President of Academic Affairs in cases involving extenuating circumstances beyond the student's control, such as a serious accident or illness. For purposes of this policy, probation status includes students who have been readmitted following suspension but have not yet returned to good standing.

Reinstatement of Suspended Students

First Suspension: A student suspended for the first time desiring to be readmitted must submit an appeal form to the Registrar, who will make the decision regarding readmission based on the students plan for improvement.

Second or Subsequent Suspension: A student who has been suspended more than once may not return until he/she has demonstrated, by attending another institution, the ability to succeed academically. Cases in which the original suspension(s) from Eastern occurred more than five years previously, the student may petition for readmission without attending another institution. 

Academic Suspension and Financial Aid Suspension are NOT the same. Please see the Financial Aid page for more information regarding Financial Aid Suspension.

Note: Students readmitted from suspension may have their enrollment restricted, may be required to see special advisors, and may be required to engage in academic improvement activities.

Please refer to Eastern's Academic Catalog for specific information regarding Academic Probation, Suspension and Reinstatement.

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