Soil Judging Team

Eastern Oklahoma State College enjoys a history of success at the national level with the soils judging team. Eastern has brought home six national championships in the last 15 years.

Soil judging consists of the field component of soil science, a diverse discipline that combines geology, chemistry, physics, and biology. The study of soils helps us to better understand and protect the natural resource that sustains us all. The team competes at both the regional and national level, traveling to three contests per year. Several former Eastern judging team members have gone on to compete at the university level.

Students on the team learn to think critically and make informed decisions. These skills are able to carry over into many aspects of the student’s life.

Soil Judging Team Sponsor

Larriann Livingston
Instructor of Agronomy/Soil & Crops Judging Coach
Phone: 918.465.1727
Fax: 918.465.4493
Baker Hall 214