Nursing Degrees

The A.D.N. program at Eastern Oklahoma State College prepares graduates to earn an Associate of Applied Science degree with a major in nursing and are eligible to write the NCLEX (National Council Licensure Examination) to become a registered nurse. Two years (four semesters) of full time academic study are required to complete the program. One class is admitted each August. Instruction is planned to provide close correlation between theory and practice. Hospitals, long-term care facilities, clinics, hospice, and home health agencies are utilized for nursing experience.

The program prepares individuals to perform client-centered care at the beginning staff nurse level. Graduates may pursue career interests in a variety of specialty areas and services.

The nursing program requires a background check with application. Please review the application packet below for instructions. You may contact the nursing office with any questions.

Prior to application, please read the following link for information from the Oklahoma Board of Nursing for those with history of arrests, convictions, or prior disciplinary action. https://www.ok.gov/nursing/nclex9.pdf If you meet any criteria, you must report this information on your application.

Associate of Applied Science in Nursing

The A.A.S. (Associate of Applied Science in Nursing) in Nursing is designed for students who wish to become eligible to take the examination for registered nurses (RN) upon completion of the two year degree.

The A.A.S. in nursing has two tracks:  

(1) Basic Licensure Program

The track is for students who are not already LPNs. The program consists of two years (four semesters) of full-time academic study.


NOTES: Applications will be accepted January 1 - February 15. A new class begins each Fall semester.

(2) LPN/EMTP–RN Transition Program (A.A.S.)

This track is available to students who have been practicing as Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) or Paramedic. To qualify for admission, one must be a LPN/Paramedic with at least 800 documented hours of nursing work experience and a positive written reference from the present employer. To enter the bridge program, the LPN/Paramedic must pass examinations in nursing fundamentals, obstetrics and pediatrics.


NOTES: Applications will be accepted September 1 - October 1. A new class begins each Spring semester.

Nursing Student Handbook

For more information about Eastern's Nursing program, download and review the Nursing Student Handbook (pdf).

Scholarship Opportunities

A college degree is an investment in your future. There are many lifelong benefits of a quality education that exceed the initial costs involved. Tuition and fees at Eastern Oklahoma State College are among the lowest in the nation. Plus, Eastern offers a variety of institutional scholarships, as well as nursing-related scholarships for students who demonstrate high academic qualifications and financial need. Federal and state financial aid and grant opportunities are also available to help fund your education.


The Nursing program application is an online application. Prior to completing it, please be aware of the following:
  • Please meet with an advisor for review prior to submission. This is a requirement for the application. 
  • Each of your documents must be attached. Please have individual forms in an electronic format prior to application. 
    - If using a phone, please use a PDF app to convert pictures.
    - If you are unable to attach within the application, please email/scan to the Nursing Office. See contact information below.
  • If any separate documents are sent to the Nursing Office, please make sure the correct legal name matches the applicant's name. 
Mandy Roachell
Administrative Assistant
(fax) 918.465.4462

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