Eastern Oklahoma State College

Admissions, Retention and Progression

Admission to Nursing

The Associate Degree Nursing Program at Eastern Oklahoma State College has a minimum criterion for admission and standards for achievement which are to be met for retention and progression. The standards for admission are intended to provide a reasonable assurance of student success in the program. The Selection and Retention Committee is comprised of nursing faculty with the Director of Nursing Education being the Chairperson for that committee.

The Nursing program application is an online application. Prior to completing it, please be aware of the following:

  • Please meet with an advisor for review prior to submission. This is a requirement for the application. 

  • Each of your documents must be attached. Please have individual forms in an electronic format prior to application.
    - If using a phone, please use a PDF app to convert pictures.
    - If you are unable to attach within the application, please email/scan to the Nursing Office. See contact information below. 

  • If any separate documents are sent to the Nursing Office, please make sure the correct legal name matches the applicant's name. 

Apply Now for admission to the Nursing program

Retention and Progression

In order to continue in the Nursing Program a student must:

  1. Receive a final grade of "C" or above in each nursing course, which includes passing the math competency exam, theory, and clinical components/evaluation for Nursing 1118, 1218, 2118, 2218 and 1303 (No clinical evaluation for 1303). A student who at any time during the semester is deemed to be unsafe in the clinical area may be subject to withdrawal from the program.

  2. Receive a final grade of “B” no more than 7 years prior to course commencement as per progression policy.

    1. Anatomy - Biol 2114

    2. Physiology - Biol 2204

    3. Nutrition - Nutr 1203

    4. Introduction to Microbiology - Biol 2124

  3. Maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or above in all courses.

  4. Knowledge of the requirements for the program is the student’s responsibility. Students are responsible for documentation of the completion of all prerequisite courses. If, at any point in the Nursing Program, it is determined that the student has not completed all prerequisite courses, the student will be administratively withdrawn from required nursing courses. After completion of the missing prerequisite course(s), the student may apply for readmission to the program following the requirements. Student must have completed the required pre-requisites as defined in the academic catalog in order to enroll in each subsequent nursing course. Prerequisite science courses must be completed with a “B” or above.  

Program of Study for A.D.N. Students

First Semester (Fall)

Class Hours
Orientation & Library Science 1
Freshman Composition I 3
Human Anatomy 4
Nutrition 3
Intro to Nursing Science 8

Second Semester (Spring)

Class Hours
Human Physiology                  4
Computer Applications 3
Developmental Psychology 3
Family Nursing 8

Third Semester (Fall)

Class                                      Hours
American History 3
Freshman Composition II 3
Intro to Microbiology 4
Physical & Mental Illness I 8

Fourth Semester (Spring)

Class                                      Hours
Political Science 3
Physical & Mental Illness II 8
Current Issues in Nursing 2

Total Credit Hours = 68

*All courses other than nursing may be taken prior to admission in the nursing program.

  1. Persons convicted of a felony while enrolled in the nursing program will be summarily dismissed and will not be eligible for readmission. Students charged, arrested, or convicted of any misdemeanor or felony must notify the Nursing Director within five (5) days.

Grade Computation for Progression

Theory and clinical points will be combined only upon successful completion of the following:

  • Achievement of a 75% or higher theory grade
  • Achievement of a 75 % or higher clinical grade on clinical assignments
  • Must achieve a “satisfactory” on the clinical evaluation If the student fails either component of the course, the final course grade will be the failing grade.

If the student fails either component of the course, the final course grade will be the failing grade.

Special requirements for students with LPN/Paramedic licensure

  1. Current unrestricted licensure will be maintained until completion of the nursing program.
  2. Students receiving any disciplinary action against their license must notify the Nursing Director within five (5) schools days. The Nursing Director reserves the right to restrict the student’s participation in clinical experiences and involvement in patient care until the license is valid and unrestricted and terms of the action are met and the action is dismissed.