Eastern Oklahoma State College

Transfer Admissions and Readmission

Transfer Admissions

Students transferring from another school of nursing will have previous courses assessed to determine placement. Students must provide evidence of all courses taken at another school. Nursing courses must have been completed not more than three years prior to admission. A reference from a nursing instructor is required. Guidelines for transfer students are included in the school catalog. Transfer students must pass the course-specific CJE exam(s) for the previous semester with two attempts. Science requirements apply to transfer students.


  1. Students who fail to successfully complete a required nursing course are required to complete an exit interview form with a nursing instructor, which shall include the student’s option for readmission and recommended remediation. 

  2. An applicant must repeat the application process. Readmission is in no way automatic. The application for readmission must be completed by October 1st for the spring semester and February 15th for the fall semester.

  3. A student is eligible to repeat only one nursing course during the current track.

  4. The Nursing Program must be completed within three years after successfully completing Nursing 1118.

  5. Readmits must complete an interview with the faculty, prior to ranking, to review exit interview action plan.

  6. Students applying for readmission must pass the course-specific CJE exam/s for all previous semesters with two attempts. 

  7. Only after approved for readmission by faculty and CJE exams have been passed, will a student be ranked in the admission process.

  8. Only 10% of any campus’s students can be students that are readmitted in the track and cohort. Student’s preference for a campus is not guaranteed.

  9. Students who reapply to NURS 1118 or NURS 1303, in a new cohort, will not be considered in the 10%.

  10. Science requirements apply to readmission applicants.