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The A.A. in Music is designed to provide freshman and sophomore-level music instruction to students planning to complete a bachelor's degree in music, as well as those looking to acquire a deeper knowledge of the art of music. Completing the first two years of music instruction at Eastern Oklahoma State College will help lessen your overall program costs, provide you with personalized instruction, and give you the opportunity to work with community musicians while growing and developing your skill base. Students majoring in music will have the opportunity to perform in the concert band, choir, chamber groups, and recital programs. 

At Eastern, you will receive:

  • Private instruction on your major instrument/voice
  • Private instruction on piano
  • Music theory and ear training courses
  • Collegiate-level ensemble participation
  • Opportunities to design and perform in recitals
  • Instruction focused on your success as a student musician

Eastern offers three tracks in Music: instrumental, piano or vocal.

 For admission to the Music program:


Amy Swain
Instructor of Music                                            
Pratt Hall


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