Library Services

Student Success Begins With Information

The media center, located on the second and third floors of the Bill H. Hill Library Building in the center of campus, is truly a hub for information, technology, research, and pleasurable reading for Eastern students and staff. The media center's collection has over 38,000 books in open stacks, and it subscribes to over 200 magazines and newspapers available to students in a comfortable reading area. The collection features an impressive number of materials concerning Native American culture and history.

When doing research, a student can use the computer lab which is set up to search through electronic media. The computers are part of the Internet system through EOSC-Net, and are also equipped with access to such indexes as ERIC, Magazine Index, and CINAHL. Since the media center's card catalog is fully automated, research is easy. A student may even search for sources the library has through the computers in the dorms or from anywhere on campus with a laptop and Eastern's wireless connection services.

Another helpful feature of the media center is its Career Center. The materials in this area can assist students in choosing majors, careers, and future colleges to attend. This collection of information is on the east end of the second floor.

The media center is accessible to persons with disabilities. An elevator on the first floor of the building is readily available to bring students up to the library. The media center also includes computer tables at the correct height for wheelchairs, cassette recordings, and other materials needed.

The media center boasts of an interesting collection of art, most from former Eastern students. Some of the artists include Merlin Littlethunder, Connie Seabourn, Susan Thomas Reed, Teresa Terrell, Pam Kirkes and Anita Caldwell Jackson.

The media center is open 70 hours a week, Sunday afternoons through Friday afternoons. Summer hours do change. The professional staff, which includes two media specialists with masters in Library Science, are eager to help students at any time.