Library Technology

The Eastern Library provides automated services to Eastern's students, personnel and local patrons through EOSC-Net.

EOSC-NET is an integrated library information system that allows students to search electronic information and access computer applications from the library computer lab and other sites on and off campus.

Our computer lab consists of 21 full multi-media workstations, 4 laser printers, 3 misc. printers, interactive conference station and a ADA approved workstation.

Automation extends throughout the library including a computerized card catalog and circulation program. The computerized card catalog can be accessed from the EOSC-Net or from many patron terminals located throughout the second and third floors. The circulation program provides a fast and efficient check-in and out process.

The ITV Lab is located on the third floor of the library.

Students are encouraged to enroll in computer classes such as word processing and data management regardless of their majors. We are living in a computer and information society--being prepared is being computer and information literate.