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Veterans Affairs

The staff in the Veterans Affairs Office is available to assist students who are eligible to receive educational benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs. All degree plans offered by Eastern have been approved by the Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs State Approving Agency for payment of federal benefits. This institution is in compliance with Public Law 115-407.

VA benefits are awarded on a semester-by-semester basis. It is recommended the following criteria are met as soon after enrolling as possible, so as not to delay benefits for that semester.

To Claim VA Educational Benefits Once Enrolled:

The following policies are effective beginning Fall 2020, regardless of any previous standing or arrangement.

  • In accordance with 38 USC 3679 (f)(1)(D), EOSC will not automatically renew enrollment without the beneficiary’s approval each term.

  • You must submit a written request (email or letter) to Eastern's Veterans Affairs Office for each semester's hours to be certified.

  • You must include a copy of that semester's class schedule to be approved.

  • You must have approval from your academic advisor and Eastern's VA Representative each semester.

  • If you are claiming benefits and you were on Active Duty, you will need to bring copy 4 of your DD form 214 and your Certificate of Eligibility to the Registrar/Veterans Affairs Office.

  • If you are in the National Guard or the Reserves, you will need to bring form 2384 (NOBE) to the Registrar/Veterans Affairs Office. This form is available from your Unit Commander.

  • If you are claiming benefits as a dependent, you will need to bring us a Certificate of Eligibility from the Department of Veterans Affairs, or the eligible veteran's claim number or social security number, and copy of your birth certificate.

Student's Responsibilities:

  • Notify the VA Coordinator if you have added or dropped any classes.

  • Notify the VA Coordinator if your degree has changed.

  • Notify the VA Coordinator if you plan to do a total withdraw.

Student Account Payment Policy:

  • Neither the student or their beneficiaries will be charged out-of-state tuition in accordance with 38 USC 3679(c )

  • Per college policy (see Academic Catalog), upon enrollment students must agree to pay Eastern Oklahoma State College all charges on their student accounts by the due date. In compliance with Public Law 115-407, the consequences (e.g., finance charges, transcript hold, etc.) are not enforced if the unpaid portion of the student bill is due to a delay in payment disbursement by Veterans Affairs (only under Chapter 31 or 33). The Business Office must receive notice from the EOSC Veteran’s Affairs Coordinators showing that the student qualifies and is awaiting payment from Veteran’s Affairs to avoid these consequences.

Leave of Absence Policy for Students in the Military

Under Eastern Oklahoma State College’s Leave of Absence Policy, students who are currently in the military shall be eligible to:

  1. Withdraw from any or all courses for the period of active duty service without penalty to admission status or GPA and without loss of institutional financial aid; or

  2. Receive an “I” for any or all courses for the period of active duty status irrespective of the student’s grade at the time the “I” is awarded; provided, however, that the student has completed a minimum of fifty percent (50%) of all coursework prior to being called to active duty and the student completes all courses upon return from active duty. The student’s admission status and GPA shall not be penalized and the student shall not experience loss of institutional financial aid.

In accordance with Section 1018 of the Johnny Isakson and David P. Roe, M.D. Veterans Health Care and Benefits Improvement Act of 2020 (Public Law 116-315), Eastern Oklahoma State College has provided the following information for our students;

Section 1018, establishing 38 U.S.C. § 3679(f), requires educational institutions to provide students with certain financial information and other requirements. You can find your personalized College Financing Plan (CFP) on Self-Service. 

Financial Aids & Awards

Students are encouraged to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to determine their eligibility for grants and student loans which can help cover the cost of completing an educational degree. You will need your family's tax information to complete the application. Eastern's financial aid code is 003155.

Federal Student Aid FAFSA - The starting point for ALL college funding

Amount of costs that are covered by VA Education Benefits

Benefit Payments Made Annual Book Stipend Notes
Chapter 33 Tuition & Fees $1,000 Post 9/11 Bill
Chapter 30 Statutory Rate N/A Montgomery GI Bill®
Chapter 35 100% Flat Rate N/A Dependents Education Assitance (DEA)
Chapter 1606 Statutory Rate N/A Montgomery GI Bill® (Select Reserve)
Chapter 31 Tuition & Fees Full Cost Veteran's Readiness and Employment

VA Educational Benefits are limited to a monthly stipend and/or payments of mandatory tuitions and fees to the College. Benefits only pay stipends for the month’s school attendance reported and these payments are pro-rated for partial (beginning and ending) months.

For further information regarding specific Federal benefits, please visit the VA Education and Training website.

GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).
More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government Web site at http://www.benefits.va.gov/gibill

Military Transfer Credits & Transcripts

Eastern Oklahoma State College evaluates prior credit earned through military education and training and grants credit as appropriate to the degree. Veteran students may request a military transcript from the newly created Joint Services Transcript. This replaces the efforts of the AARTS transcript (Army AARTS transcript) and the SMART transcript (Navy & Marine Corps transcript). Students may order a transcript at the Department of Defense.

Credit may be awarded using a Military transcript. Students must submit a transcript from their particular branch of service. The final evaluation of equivalency rests with Eastern Oklahoma State College. Students must be enrolled at Eastern Oklahoma State College in order to receive credit. Credit by examination or experience will not be posted to the transcript until a student has earned at least 12 hours of college credit from Eastern Oklahoma State College and can only be awarded for courses taught at Eastern Oklahoma State College. Credit will not be awarded based on ACT scores alone. See Academic Catalog for more about acceptance of military transfer credits. 


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