Enrollment (Register for Classes)

New Students

After all admission requirements have been met, you will be assisted by a counselor in choosing career goals and scheduling classes. The Counseling Center offer personal, academic and career counseling. Find out more about their services by visiting their webpage.

Next the counselor will see that your course schedule is processed by an admissions/enrollment clerk and you'll receive a printout of your class schedule.

  • Student Class Schedules can be accessed online anytime after initial enrollment.
  • Tuition statements will be given to you. (Mail-in payments are highly encouraged) TUITION & FEES
  • Students are also assigned a faculty advisor who has expertise in the student's chosen educational field. You will meet with this advisor for future enrollment needs.

Each student is assigned a user name and password. This info will be used for your computer classes and your personal e-mail accounts. You can find out more about your E-Mail account by visiting the Email FAQ page. You can retrieve your email, WebAdvisor and Blackboard username and default password through WebAdvisor.

Current Students

  • Returning students should meet directly with their faculty advisor for enrollment.
  • Advisors will enroll students from their desktop computers and supply a printout.
  • Tuition statements will be given to you. (Mail-in payments are highly encouraged)


Please contact the Registrar's Office if you have any questions or you need more information.



Jennifer Labor
Phone: 918.465.1828
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E-Mail: jlabor@eosc.edu

Administrative Assistant for the Registrar's Office

Dana Lewis
Phone: 918.465.1813
Fax: 918.465.4491
E-Mail: dlewis@eosc.edu