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Faculty Council

The Faculty Council of Eastern Oklahoma State College exists to:
    A. Promote professional rapport and facilitate communication between the faculty, the administration, the student body and the community.
    B. Advance inherent areas of faculty interest: professional growth and practices, faculty welfare, academic standards, institutional philosophy, student body academic achievement and student welfare.
    C. Enhance faculty participation in determining appropriate fiscal and instructional priorities, faculty–student classroom ratios, faculty teaching loads with concurrent non–classroom assignments, administrative–faculty supervisory ratios, support staff duties and authority, and administrative responsibilities including levels of authority.

2017-18 Executive Board

John D. Garofoli, Chairperson
Heather Spiegel, Nursing Div. Rep.
Agriculture Div. Rep.
Dr. Patricia Ratliff, Mathematics and Science Div. Rep.
Behavioral and Social Sciences Div. Rep.
Kellye Semeski, Business Div. Rep.
Timothy O'Neal, Language, Humanities and Education Div. Rep.

EOSC Bylaws and Constitution