Eastern Oklahoma State College

PTK Toys for Tots Christmas Campaign


Monday, November 28, 2022


8:00 AM - 8:00 AM

Location Name

Mitchell Hall

Eastern's PTK Toys for Tots Christmas Campaign 2022

It is time once again to embark on a great community service for our college. When we return from the Thanksgiving Break we will officially kick off this event.

  • The target age for children will be ages 10 and younger. 
  • This is a completely volunteer community service event that benefits Eastern students and their families.

How do you participate?: Bring a new at least ($5) unwrapped gift to class and give it to your professor,  or to a campus director's office at Idabel, McAlester.  Some faculty will be offering bonus points for this community service project, check with your instructors.   If you would like to pool your money together with a friend, you can do that too and purchase together. Just let the person know when you turn in your donation.   Some of you may have an opportunity during the break for some shopping deals going on with black Friday. (If you can't afford a gift but would volunteer your time we can use help with wrapping the gifts, Instructors can count that as a donation

Second option for participation:  That is a new addition this year: Fleece for tie blankets.   If you would rather donate fleece for a tie blanket, this is the same bonus point opportunity with your instructors who are offering bonus points. We are going to donate those blankets to a homeless shelter through Wilburton First Baptist that they are doing a ministry with.  

When does this need to be completed? : We will need these no later than December 2nd   (last day of classes). We will be doing the annual Christmas wrapping party on Monday, December 5th beginning at noon with food and festive music in Mitchell 116 and Mitchell 119.  We will have toys, wrapped,  bundled and ready for distribution beginning Tuesday morning.

I need your help in identifying Eastern student families in need: If you know of a fellow student who may have small children and can identify them as someone who may need a helping hand during this time, please email me their name and children's information with gender and ages of children.

You can also self-identify yourself to me as a student to be placed on our list. Please just email your name and information. We have never faltered in supplying all Eastern families with gifts and I have great expectations that will be the same this time as well.

We are only targeting children ages 10 and younger. We will be offering gender and age-appropriate toys.  We only need the ages and gender of the children for a family if you have someone you would like to add to the list.

The Christmas wrapping party is open to anyone who would like to volunteer some of their time to wrap gifts. It will be on Monday, Dec 5th at noon in Mitchell 116.  There will be food, drinks and desserts for any who wish to come and help with the Wrapping party!

Side note:  If you have an online course and may be wondering how you can get these donations to us if you would like to participate:  you can take your donations to the Wilburton, McAlester or Idabel campus and they will make sure I receive them with your name as a donation on the item. If you are near the Wilburton campus, you can bring to Mitchell 115 (my office) or to Mitchell 106 (Tracie Teague's office) to drop off any donations.

This event has already passed.