Eastern Oklahoma State College

Area Community Colleges and Career Tech Center meet for semi-annual collaboration

April 19, 2023

Representatives from Carl Albert State College, Eastern Oklahoma State College and Kiamichi Tech recently met at their regularly scheduled semi-annual meeting to discuss how best to foster their existing partnership and work to best meet the needs of area students. 

During the meeting, participants discussed a variety of topics, including ways to ensure that students receive high-quality training opportunities, how to support students in their endeavors after graduation, and strategies for creating more effective communication between community college advisors and career tech providers. The groups also briefed attendees on new programs and events at their respective institutions.

The meeting ended with a continued commitment from all attendees to work together to support the success of these partnerships and to continue fostering collaboration between community colleges, career tech organizations, and employers. The participants discussed plans for ongoing communications and gatherings as well as strategies for addressing any challenges that arise in the process.

“Each institution is dedicated to providing students with the best possible career opportunities,” said CASC President Jay Falkner., who hosted the meeting in Poteau  “Through these partnerships, students can access valuable training and support that will help them to prepare for long-term success in the workplace.”

Community college and career tech collaborations should be encouraged and supported as they provide essential resources for aspiring professionals. By continuing to strengthen this partnership, an even brighter future for students is within reach.