Eastern Oklahoma State College

Eastern Oklahoma State College announces 2022 graduates

May 12, 2022

Eastern Oklahoma State College hosted its Commencement Ceremonies on May 6. An estimated 241 students have earned their associate degree or certificate this year.

Eastern’s 2022 graduates listed by county include:


Adair County

Savanah D. Hopkins, Stilwell - (A.S.) Forestry

Atoka County

Jill M. Pruitt, Stilwell - (A.S.) Agronomy

Morgan T. Baughman, Atoka - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Jacob Andrew Morgan, Wapanucka - (A.S.) Business Administration

Jillian H. Sutton, Wetumka - (A.A.) Pre-Elementary Education

Bryan County

Keanu Jaleah Hall, Colbert - (A.S.) Life Science

Eric Stanford Glover, Durant - (A.S.) Criminal Justice

Christopher J. Milligan, Durant - (A.S.) Business Administration

Carter County

Bree A. Phelps, Ardmore - (A.A.) General Studies

Cherokee County

Lane T. Howe, Fort Gibson - (A.S.) Animal Science

Choctaw County

Sloan Paul Green, Boswell - (A.S.) Agriculture Education

Kimberly A. Bean, Choctaw - (A.S.) Criminal Justice COP

Skyelar B. Cogburn, Fort Towson - (A.A.) General Studies

Marlie T. Leathers, Fort Towson - (A.S.) Agriculture Communications

Molly E. Durrence, Hugo - (A.A.) General Studies

James G. Haddox, Hugo - (A.S.) Animal Science

Coal County

Garrett Latham, Centrahoma - (A.S.) Animal Science

Keith David George Haney, Coalgate - (A.S.) Business Administration

Kortnie Elizabeth Haney, Coalgate - (A.S.) Agriculture Economics

Joseph Maynard, Coalgate – Meat Processing & Food Safety Certificate

Garvin County

Jerry D. Tucker, Lindsay - (A.S.) Business Administration

Grady County

Brycen Otey, Alex - (A.S.) Animal Science and Ranch Operations Stocker Management Certificate

Cooper D. Shebester, Alex - (A.S.) Animal Science

Austin R. Albright, Blanchard - (A.S.) Business Administration

Malachi Phipps, Rush Springs - (A.S.) Animal Science

Haskell County

Kira Cates, Kinta - (A.S.) Business Administration

Bailey Davis, Stigler - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Heather N. Patton, Stigler - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Hughes County

Cash G. Crump, Wetumka - (A.A.S.) Meat Processing and Food Safety

Kiowa County

Caitlyn D. Lester, Gotebo - (A.A.S.) Meat Processing and Food Safety

Latimer County

Doralynn D. Cox, Panola - (A.A.) General Studies

Ronnie K. Paxton, Panola - (A.A.) General Studies

Marissa Hill, Red Oak - (A.S.) Pre-Veterinary Medicine

Colton L. Hulsey, Red Oak - (A.S.) Animal Science

Jenna Hulsey, Red Oak - (A.S.) Food Science

Tracy E. Martin, Red Oak - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Katharine M. Muncey, Red Oak - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Trista Ober, Red Oak - (A.A.) Enterprise Development - General Studies

John B. Patterson, Red Oak - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Riley Elizabeth Watson, Red Oak - (A.A.) General Studies

Elton Johnathan Baird, Wilburton - (A.A.) Music

Dekotah P. Beard, Wilburton - (A.A.) Psychology & Sociology

Rachael E. Belisle, Wilburton - (A.A.) Psychology & Sociology

Maecka Bianes, Wilburton - (A.A.) Enterprise Development - General Studies

Triston C. Boling, Wilburton - (A.A.) General Studies

Jewellena G. Boyett, Wilburton - (A.S.) Horticulture

Kiley J.R. Brillo, Wilburton - (A.S.) Life Science

Jake E. Curran, Wilburton - (A.S.) Wildlife Ecology

Jaleigh Dorrell, Wilburton - (A.A.) General Studies

Blake Austin Dull, Wilburton - (A.S.) Wildlife Ecology

Matthew Leon Elledge, Wilburton - (A.A.) General Studies

Cheyenne N. Ezekiel, Wilburton - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Peyton Velina Ezekiel, Wilburton - (A.A.) Pre-Elementary Education

Chase L. Garvin, Wilburton - (A.A.) Enterprise Development - General Studies

Trystin Blayde Heather Garvin, Wilburton - (A.A.) General Studies

Adam Gomez, Wilburton - (A.A.) History & Political Science

Jenna Nichole Hill, Wilburton - Child Development Certificate

John N. Hirrill, Wilburton - (A.S.) Computer Information Systems

Tamera L. Lacy, Wilburton - (A.A.) General Studies

Kyle Lee McAlester, Wilburton - (A.S.) Health, Physical Education & Recreation

Corey A. Mitchell, Wilburton - (A.A.) General Studies

Kasey J. Mulliniks-Shelton, Wilburton - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Hayley J. Myers, Wilburton - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Bridgette Pelt, Wilburton - (A.A.) Psychology & Sociology

Chance Reeves, Wilburton - (A.A.) General Studies

Jae'cee L. Rizor, Wilburton - (A.S.) Agriculture Education

Smokey Smith, Wilburton - (A.A.) Enterprise Development - General Studies

Madison M. Sonaggera, Wilburton - (A.A.) General Studies

Shaina R. Spears, Wilburton - (A.A.) General Studies

Marnie Lee Witt, Wilburton - (A.S.) Business Administration

Charity Lina Workman, Wilburton - (A.A.) General Studies

LeFlore County

Lani K. Monks, Bokoshe - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Dacey L. Hadley-Cloud, Cameron - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Talon Cogburn, Hodgen - (A.S.) Forestry

Lauren R. Beames, Howe - (A.S.) Food Science

Tara D. Blaylock, Poteau - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Miranda D. Fish, Poteau - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Crystal Ortiz, Sallisaw - (A.A.) General Studies

Thomas Brannon Hilton, Smithville - (A.S.) Agriculture Education

Hope Lashae Bailey, Talihina - (A.A.) General Studies

Victoria Jolee Blemmel, Talihina - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Kailee D. Daney, Talihina - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Melanie Lou Sims, Talihina - (A.A.) Child Development, (A.A.) Psychology & Sociology and (A.A.) Enterprise Development - General Studies

Joycie Williams, Talihina - (A.S.) Criminal Justice

Emily Meeks, Wister - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Heather L. Truitt, Wister - (A.S.) Agriculture Education and (A.S.) Food Science

McClain County

Ashleigh Jordan Gay, Washington - (A.S.) Agriculture Communication

McCurtain County

Hannah Hamilton, Battiest - (A.A.) Psychology & Sociology

Jason Anna, Broken Bow - (A.S.) Criminal Justice

Christina Lea Battiest, Broken Bow - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Erik D. Brown, Broken Bow - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Ashley Butler, Broken Bow - (A.A.) Psychology & Sociology

Bailey B. Dollar, Broken Bow - (A.S.) Business Administration

Kylia D. Green, Broken Bow - (A.S.) CIS Business

Kelly D. Hobson, Broken Bow - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Joshua Nashoba Jones, Broken Bow - (A.A.)  General Studies

Krystin Klein, Broken Bow - (A.A.) Psychology & Sociology

Laken McCoy, Broken Bow - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Elizabeth C. Morris, Broken Bow - (A.A.)  General Studies

Carsen  Pratt, Broken Bow - (A.S.) Wildlife Ecology

Stephanie Nicole Brantley, Eagletown - (A.A.S.) Nursing

La'kiyia Leigh Smith, Eagletown - (A.A.) General Studies

Hannah R. Richard, Garvin - (A.A.) General Studies

Janie L. Burris, Haworth - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Caleb Allen, Idabel - (A.A.) General Studies

Rita Jordan Allen, Idabel - (A.A.) General Studies

Judzaya A. Davis, Idabel - (A.A.) General Studies

Mila Haynes, Idabel - (A.A.) General Studies

Tonia Smith, Idabel - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Ashlynn Danielle Butterfras, Valliant - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Kolton Moye, Valliant - (A.A.) General Studies

Ashlee N. Songer, Valliant - (A.A.) General Studies

Keeli Tsosie, Wright City - (A.S.) Criminal Justice

Diana Rae Williston, Wright City - (A.A.) General Studies

Jaeley G. Woods, Wright City - (A.A.) Child Development

McIntosh County

Tara Dawn Kaiser, Checotah - (A.A.) Psychology & Sociology

Kiauna S. Burns, Eufaula - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Ashley J. Mills, Eufaula - (A.S.) Life Science

Kyndal R. Self, Eufaula - (A.S.) Business Administration

Muskogee County

Braylen Duncan, Muskogee - (A.S.) Health, Physical Education & Recreation

Callie M. Long, Muskogee - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Oklahoma County

Brayanna Polk, Del City - (A.S.) Health, Physical Education & Recreation

Tilan Nolan, Oklahoma City - (A.A.) General Studies

Okmulgee County

Kenneth R. Dunn, Beggs - (A.S.) Criminal Justice

Allison N. Lauderdale, Henryetta - (A.A.) General Studies

Osage County

Parker J. Rowland, Skiatook - (A.S.) Business Administration

Pittsburg County

NaShay B. Alexander, Haileyville - (A.A.) Child Development

Alvieia Evelyn Looper Comstock, Haileyville - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Anna Lynne Benedict, Hartshorne - (A.A.) Enterprise Development - General Studies

Joe Benedict III, Hartshorne - (A.A.) General Studies

Alleigh G. Fry, Hartshorne - (A.A.) General Studies

David A. Ledbetter II, Hartshorne - (A.A.) General Studies

Robert D. Peaslee, Hartshorne - (A.S.) Physical Science

Braylon Wayne Spears, Hartshorne - (A.S.) Agriculture Education

Carly M. Cox, Indianola - (A.A.) Enterprise Development - General Studies

Cooper Mitchell, Indianola - (A.A.) General Studies

Cullen G. Murrin, Indianola - (A.A.) General Studies and (A.A.) Mass Communications

Zachary J. Murrin, Indianola - (A.A.) English

Jayme L. Pantle, Indianola - (A.A.) General Studies

Karlie Rae McCormick, Kiowa - (A.S.) Life Science

Logan Destry Christopher, Krebs - (A.A.) History & Political Science

Marissa L. Cossey, Krebs - (A.A.) Pre-Elementary Ed

Maggie Armstrong, McAlester - (A.S.) Life Science

Kaylee D. Ashlock, McAlester - (A.A.S.) Nursing  

Brianna M. Beshears, McAlester - (A.S.) Business Administration

Max C. Blansett, McAlester - (A.A.) Mass Communications

Taylor P. Boatright, McAlester - (A.A.) General Studies

Chasity Busby, McAlester - (A.A.) Psychology & Sociology

Bailey N. Cargill, McAlester - (A.A.) Pre-Elementary Education

Sterling Carswell, McAlester - (A.A.) General Studies

Jameson Coleman, McAlester - (A.A.) Mass Communications

Cameron Collins, McAlester - (A.S.) Agriculture Education

Katlyn D. Collins, McAlester - (A.S.) Agriculture Communication

James Do, McAlester - (A.A.) General Studies

Braiden R. Dutton, McAlester - (A.S.) Business Administration

Michael J. Eddy, McAlester - (A.S.) CIS Software Development

Starla Lucinda Edge, McAlester - (A.S.) Life Science

Bethany K. Fabrizio, McAlester - (A.A.) English

Hannah E. Fry, McAlester - (A.A.) General Studies

Makayla Elizabeth Hamilton, McAlester - (A.S.) Business Administration

Breanna Jean Haynes, McAlester - (A.A.) History & Political Science

Brittney R. Hill, McAlester - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Easton Cody James, McAlester - (A.S.) Health, Physical Education & Recreation

Alasha Janelle Jennings, McAlester - (A.A.) General Studies

Conner I. Jones, McAlester - (A.A.) General Studies

Gaevin Myles Jones, McAlester - (A.S.) CIS Software Development

Chase Kennedy, McAlester - (A.A.) General Studies

Cade M. Lott, McAlester - (A.S.) Business Administration

Emerald D. R. Lynn, McAlester - (A.A.) History & Political Science

Tyler Maffeo, McAlester - (A.A.) Psychology & Sociology

Lauren B. Mayeux, McAlester - (A.S.) Business Administration

Skyeler R. Mendenhall, McAlester - (A.A.) General Studies

Jaci R. Middleton, McAlester - (A.S.) Criminal Justice

Krista L. Patterson, McAlester - (A.A.) Pre-Elementary Ed

Jessica Anne Raper, McAlester - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Rebecca Romine, McAlester - (A.A.) General Studies

Ashley J. Shaver, McAlester - (A.S.) Business Administration

Sara M. Skidmore, McAlester - (A.S.) Environmental Science

Phoebe Smith, McAlester - (A.S.) Business Administration

Zachary Spence, McAlester - (A.A.) General Studies

Ravyn L. Surginer, McAlester - (A.A.) Psychology & Sociology

Ashlee N. Tidwell, McAlester - (A.A.) Child Development and (A.A.) General Studies

Blake J. Vilar, McAlester - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Amber N. Warren, McAlester - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Tiffany Watt-Turtle, McAlester - (A.S.) Business Administration

Samantha Weiher, McAlester - (A.A.) General Studies

Makeba N. Fussell, Pittsburg - Computer Coding Certificate

Krimson P. Followill, Quinton - (A.A.) Mass Communications

Donna G. Gray, Quinton - (A.A.) Child Development

Kayla R. Jean, Quinton - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Rynda Michelle Wilson, Quinton - (A.A.) General Studies

Riley Sheyenne Spears, Quinton - (A.A.) Psychology & Sociology

Mercedes Odom, Savanna - (A.A.) Pre-Elementary Education

Kristina M. Underwood, Savanna - (A.A.) General Studies

Kelci L. Luttrell, Stigler - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Bailey Wilson, Stigler - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Pontotoc County

Collin R. Rindal, Ada - (A.A.S.) Ranch Operations Stocker Management

Aiden Bagwell, Roff - (A.A.) General Studies

Pushmataha County

LaShauna A. Lacey, Antlers - (A.S.) Business Administration

Heather Maples-Cole, Antlers - (A.A.) General Studies

Cody L. Neese, Antlers - (A.A.) General Studies

Caitlin Michelle Butler, Clayton - (A.S.) Business Administration

Hannah R. Maxwell, Clayton - (A.S.) Agronomy

Madison L. McIntyre, Nashoba - (A.S.) Health, Physical Education & Recreation

Rogers County

Baleigh Clymer, Claremore - Child Development Certificate

Sequoyah County

Morgan N. Reese, Roland - (A.S.) Agriculture Education

Stephens County

Esther Ferrier, Marlow - (A.S.) Pre-Veterinary Medicine

Tulsa County

Jessica Raylene Wright, Jenks - (A.A.) Psychology & Sociology

Nathan A. Ackenhausen, Owasso - (A.S.) Business Administration

Valek Cisneros, Owasso - (A.A.) General Studies

Isaac Webb, Owasso - (A.A.) General Studies

Emma J. Kraemer, Sand Springs - (A.A.S.) Nursing

Christian S. Clack, Tulsa - (A.A.)  General Studies

Woods County

Brooke T. Ferguson, Waynoka - (A.S.) Agriculture Communication


Connie Paige Barrett, Gravette – (A.S.) Pre-Veterinary Medicine - (A.S.) Agriculture Education

Selby L. Best, Hermitage - (A.S.) Agriculture Education

Kyra Anne Hill, Huntsville - (A.S.) Animal Science

Allicia J. Johansen, Greenwood - (A.S.) Agriculture Education

Ana G. Maqueda, Springdale - (A.S.) Animal Science

AJ Russell, Greenwood - (A.A.S.) Ranch Operations Stocker Management

Cambre L. Strange, Farmington - (A.A.) General Studies

Matthew Watson, Bentonville - (A.A.) General Studies


Jonah A. Cox, Thornton - (A.A.) General Studies


Keniel O. De Leon, Orlando - (A.A.) General Studies


Zyon E. Patterson, Robins - (A.A.) General Studies


Keaton Herrmann, Independence - (A.S.) Pre-Veterinary Medicine


Kody R. Bigford, Burkburnett - (A.S.) Business Administration

Zachary Logan Bowerman, McKinney - (A.S.) Business Administration

Julian Corinne Cowley, Colony - (A.A.) General Studies

Vianney Garcia, Conroe - (A.A.S.) Child Development

Ananda B. Garrison, Pittsburg - (A.A.) General Studies

Diana Delia Guerrero, Brownsville - (A.S.) Life Science

Hailey Danielle Henry, Houston - (A.A.)  General Studies

Sha'nequa Rickyla Henry, Texarkana - (A.A.)  General Studies

Joshua R. Hernandez, Frisco - (A.A.) General Studies

Jeb Jenkins, Amarillo - (A.S.) Business Administration

Alyssa M. Perez, Branch - (A.A.) General Studies

Jaidan M. Perez, Elm - (A.S.) Life Science

Marlee K. Whitling, Weatherford - (A.A.) General Studies


Andrew A. Walling, Castle Rock - (A.S.) Business Administration


Joseph Cruz, Villalba, Puerto Rico - (A.S.) Business Administration

Dawson Walters, Toronto, Ontario, Canada - (A.A.) General Studies