Eastern Oklahoma State College

Student Organizations

Students can find Eastern campus life as full as they want it to be. Classroom commitments, activities and recreational opportunities make the transition from high school to college a challenge that students at Eastern are ready to meet.

Students at Eastern have the opportunity to be involved in many different activities and organizations that apply to their specific needs and interest. For those students not interested in joining a particular club, there are a wide variety of other activities on campus including dances, pool tournaments, athletic events, plays and music productions.

A few of the clubs and organizations available at Eastern....


Student Publications:

Agriculture Competitive Teams:

  • Ag Business Team
  • Crops Judging
  • Horticulture Judging Team
  • Livestock Judging Team
  • Meats Judging
  • Shooting Sports Team
  • Soils Judging Team

Music Groups:

  • Concert Choir
  • Concert Band