Eastern Oklahoma State College

Student Complaint Form

EOSC students may need to pursue questions or concerns involving academic or nonacademic aspects of student life. Please refer to the Student Handbook before filling out this form. There are detailed instructions in the Student Handbook on the processes and procedures for student complaints.

A student complaint may involve an EOSC employee (faculty, staff or student –employee) or other students. Students with a complaint involving an employee should first seek to resolve the issue with the employee. If the matter cannot be resolved with the employee, the complaint can be forwarded to the employee’s supervisor. This form is to be used to submit a formal complaint when a student has been unable to satisfactorily resolve an issue with the faculty, staff, students or others involved.

Complaints may be submitted anonymously; however, unless you include your contact information Eastern Oklahoma State College may be unable to investigate your complaint and will not have the ability to respond back to you regarding an incident.