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Student Health Services

The mission of Student Health Services is to promote high quality student healthcare and wellness. Covered services are provided free of charge for students without health insurance. Costs will be charged to private insurance for students who have coverage.


All full-time EOSC students who are enrolled in the current semester are eligible for services. Proof of current enrollment is required. All students must present a valid EOSC ID before receiving services. 

Where are clinical services provided?

Specific clinical services are provided for eligible EOSC students through a contractual agreement with Wilburton's Health and Wellness Center.

Health and Wellness Center
802 Hwy. 2 North
Wilburton, OK 74578

What is covered by Student Health Services?

  • Treatment for minor illness and injuries.
  • Referrals to health care providers, specialists, or community agencies.
  • Basic office visits and physical exam visits (family practice physician and nurse practitioner).
  • Lab tests and X-Rays/EKGs needed to assist in a diagnosis.
  • Prenatal care and specialist visits (such as a surgeon, orthopedist, or ear/nose/throat) are NOT covered.
NOTE: In many cases prenatal care will be covered by SoonerCare.


If medication is necessary, a prescription will be written which can be filled at any local pharmacy. The Health and Wellness Center has a contractual agreement with Main Street Drug for the low-cost 340b prescription program. The student is responsible for payment.

Emergency Services

Emergency services, those required for life-threatening conditions, are NOT provided by Student Health Services. For a medical emergency on campus, call 911 or the campus police at 918.448.2365.

Mental Health Services

The Health and Wellness Center provides mental health services. EOSC students who are experiencing challenges in their lives have access to short-term counseling by a licensed mental health provider. The brief therapeutic model is directed at helping students succeed in the college environment.


All appointments are to be scheduled in advance by contacting the Student Services Office.

Student Services
Student Center 208

Who is financially responsible?

  • Students are financially responsible for all services received at The Health and Wellness Center that are not covered by Student Health Services.
  • Students should familiarize themselves with which services are and are not covered.
  • If the Health and Wellness Center is not within their insurance's provider network it may benefit the student to seek care from another clinic within their network rather than incurring charges not covered by Student Health Services.
  • EOSC does NOT provide any type of compensation for injuries that occur on campus. Each student and visitor is expected to have their own health insurance to cover personal medical costs. 

What to bring?

  • Valid EOSC Student ID (required)
  • Completed Healthcare Eligibility Form (available in Student Services)
  • Insurance Card (if student is covered)

Medical Excuses

The Student Services Office does NOT provide excuses for absences from class. The notifying of instructors and arranging of make-up work in cases involving absence of students from class are the responsibility of the student. A student who is absent should notify the instructors by phone, email, or in person of the absence as soon as possible. Arrangements for make-up work, make-up exams, or possible assignment adjustments are entirely the responsibility of the student.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact the Student Services Office at:

Eastern Oklahoma State College
Student Services Office
Student Center 208
1301 W. Main
Wilburton, OK 74578

Health & Safety Policies

One of the best ways to succeed at Eastern is by maintaining your health and safety. Eastern has a few simple policies and services that will help keep you and your fellow students healthy and safe while on campus.

Hotlines and Websites for Help