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Intramural Sports

Eastern's Intramural Sports program is designed for the participation, recreation and enjoyment of the entire college. Regardless of ability, we realize the benefits of socialization, recreation, competition and involvement. It is our best effort to provide a variety of extracurricular activities for students that will help them engage in a vibrant campus life. We strive to provide students with a safe, friendly and supportive environment to build confidence and enhance the development of relationships between peers.


Student Services
Tourtellotte Student Center 208

Signing up a Team

To sign up for intramurals, students must print and complete an entry form (pdf) or pick one up from the Student Services office (Student Center 208). The entry form must be returned, filled out to its entirety, by the deadline for the indicated sport. All participants must also sign and turn in the Sports and Activities Release Form (pdf) before they will be allowed to participate.


  • All participants must be enrolled at Eastern Oklahoma State College and have a current, valid EOSC ID Card – rosters will be checked.
  • Your team must be registered before the advertised deadline of each sport.
  • Each participant must sign a Release Form before participating.
  • Teams playing with ineligible persons will forfeit the contests and that team or individual may be subject to suspension from further Intramural activity.
  • Team captains are responsible for ascertaining the eligibility of each player and opponent as well as their team’s knowledge of game/event rules.


If a team fails to report to the scheduled place within 15 minutes after the scheduled contest time, the supervisor may declare the contest forfeited to the opponent. If both teams fail to show up, both will be charged with a forfeit. If a team cannot make the scheduled game, they must let the supervisor know but the team will still be charged with a forfeit. There will be no rescheduling!


No player or team shall:
  • Use obscene or abusive language, threaten or abuse any other player or employee, before, during, or after the game.
  • Argue or talk back to the game supervisor. Only the captain may address, courteously, the game supervisor concerning a call/rule.
  • Intentionally strike, push, or trip another player.
  • Mistreat the facility or equipment of the College.
Unsportsmanlike Conduct may result in:
  • Ejection from the game (typically following 1-2 warnings) – the ejected player must leave the gym, field, or playing area immediately
  • Suspension from intramurals


Participation in Intramural sports activities is completely voluntary. These activities intrinsically involve risks of physical injury; participants acknowledge and assume these risks. All injuries should be reported to the onsite Intramurals supervisor.