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kNOw more! Sexual Violence and Assault Resources

Eastern Oklahoma State College takes acts of sexual violence and sexual harassment seriously. Eastern promptly and thoroughly investigates and resolves complaints alleging sex discrimination, sexual harassment, and sexual violence, including sexual assault, stalking, dating violence, and domestic violence. Eastern’s policies and resources related to these issues, as well as an online complaint form and an overview of the complaint process, can be found on on this webpage.


What is consent? What is considered domestic/dating violence? Read definitions as described in Oklahoma State Statutes for a better understanding of these terms.

Reporting Incidents

Eastern's primary concern is the safety of all students, faculty and staff. All incidents should be reported immediately. Learn about your options on how to report incidents.

Sexual Misconduct Policies & Disciplinary Procedures

Eastern provides detailed information on the policies and disciplinary procedures involved in sexual misconduct.


There are many resources available for victims of sexual violence and assault.


Bryan Denny
Director of Student Life