Student &
Campus Life

Adult Student Housing

The adult student housing includes one- and two-bedroom apartments with full-size kitchens and living rooms.

One Bedroom Apartment - North               $442.70/month
Two Bedroom Apartment -  North
Two Bedroom Apartment - South              $490.00/month
Two Bedroom Apartment - South
with washer/dryer hookup 

The above rates include gas, water, electricity, wireless internet access and basic cable.

Telephone service is available from AT&T.

Application for adult student housing should be made through the Residence Life Coordinator. A $200 security deposit and a $50 application fee is required when application is submitted.

Notice to Tenants of College Apartments

This notice is being posted in accordance with a new pipeline safety rule effective April 17, 2017. The U.S. Department of Transportation requires that natural gas distribution operators such as Eastern Oklahoma State College offer to install an excess flow valve (EFV) at the request of any tenant of a building that is served by a gas service line that meets certain minimum requirements. The service lines supplying gas to Eastern's apartments meets these requirements.

An excess flow valve is a safety device that is installed on a service line close to its connection on the main and is designed to automatically shut off the flow of gas should the service line experience a sudden rupture. Such an event could occur if an excavator accidentally severs a service line while digging. Please note than an EFV is not needed for the normal, safe operation of the service line supplying gas to your building. However, if an EFV were to be installed on your service line and a sudden rupture did occur, the resulting consequences could be significantly reduced.

If you are interested in EOSC installing an EFV on the service line supplying gas to your building, please contact the Physical Plant Direct at 918-465-1802 to schedule the installation. Your cost for the installation will be approximately $2,000. This covers the cost for labor and materials only. There could be additional costs if paving or landscaping work is required to restore the surface to per-installation conditions. Additional similar costs could be incurred later if the EFV needs maintenance or replacement.