Eastern Oklahoma State College

Micro-Credentials & Digital Badges

Eastern Oklahoma State College is excited to begin offering students, faculty, staff and community members the opportunity to earn micro-credentials to advance their skills in the workforce. 


Micro-credentials are short, focused credentials designed to provide specific career critical skills, competencies and knowledge that can be readily transferred to the workplace. Upon successful completion and verification of the micro-credential requirements, you will be issued a digital badge that can be displayed and verified online, such as on resumes or professional social media profiles.

Digital Badge

A digital badge is a digital icon of an accomplishment or skill that can be clicked to view information such as issuing institution, date earned, criteria required to earn the badge and the evidence that shows that you have met the required criteria.

Benefits of a Micro-Credential

You choose what you learn. Micro-credentials give you the freedom to learn what you want, without the financial and time commitments of a formal degree. Micro-credentials take less time to earn than a traditional degree and can give you a competitive edge when applying for internships and jobs while you continue to pursue your formal degree. For someone interested in changing jobs or even careers, a micro-credential is an effective route to getting into your chosen industry. 

Digital Badges Available

To learn more about each badge, click the graphic below to be taken to the Credly platform. 
Check back here frequently as our list of options grows!



Kellye Semeski
E-Learning Coordinator & CIS Professor